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Mountain Rescue Aiut Alpin Dolomites

What is ‘Aiut Alpin Dolomites’ (in Ladino meaning: ‘mountain rescue in the Dolomites’). It is an voluntary association registered in the Authorities of Social Economic Utility Registrar (ODV). It is formed by 19 individual Mountain Rescue Teams which are associated and operate mainly in the Ladin Valleys of the Dolomites mountains.

‘Aiut Alpin Dolomites’ was founded officially in 1990, but has been operating since 1987. The Helicopter Rescue Service was originally conceived and run by volunteers of the three Ladin Valleys, Gardena, Fassa & Badia, whose motivation of human solidarity handed down from one generation to another of Alpine Guides and mountain enthusiasts gave origin to the service.

The Teams

The location

The Helicopter Rescue Service has been operational from Pontives (Val Gardena) since the summer of 2003.

Our Headquarters were constructed in less than three years by the ‘Aiut Alpin Dolomites’, thanks to the generous offers of supporters and to contributions made by the Province of Bolzano and Regions of Trentino/Alto Adige.

Constructed in accordance to the law and experience matured over the 16 years of activity in the field of emergency mountain rescue. The structure is equipped with a helicopter hangar and a garage for the maintenance of the vehicles, as well as a large space reserved for the crew which is divided between resting area, study/recreational area and office. Furthermore, we have constructed a night Helipad in the eventuality of emergency night flights that may apply down the way in Italy too, which already take place in nearby Austria and Switzerland.

Operational territory

Normally our helicopter intervenes in emergencies on mountain & ski slopes in the adjacent Dolomite areas, within 10 minute flight distance. We also intervene directly when called by the emergency number 112, which operates in the Provinces of Trento, Bolzano & Belluno, in road (car and motorbike) accidents, medical emergencies, work accidents and and also for transport of injured from hospital to hospital either in Italy or International.

During spring and autumn, when this service is suspended, the helicopter is available for international events, ie. motorbikes & motorcar racing.

Financial supporters & Sponsors

Helicopter Rescue Service of the Province of Bolzano
The Province of Bolzano and Region Trentino/Alto Adige
Public Authorities, ie. the Town Municipalities and Tourist Associations of the Dolomites Valleys
Local associations for ski lifts and cable cars
Private citizens, mountain shelters and many other commercial businesses
Contributing members
Tourist office Alta Badia
A.P.T. Val di Fassa
Tourist Office Val Gardena