Our Crew

There are 4 crew members; the pilot, winch operator, reanimation doctor and anaesthetist and one mountain rescue crew member. In the winter there is also the presence of a trained avalanche dog.

Our medical staff

Prerequisites for candidacy as a helicopter physician at Aiut Alpin Dolomites

  • Registration with CNSAS or BRD
    Medical specialization in anesthesia and rescue in general.
  • Continuous activity in out-of-hospital rescue for a minimum of 3 years (including ambulance)
  • Experience in helicopter rescue preferred
  • Knowledge of at least two of the following languages: Italian, German and English
  • Demonstrated passion for mountains and rescue
  • Good autonomy in moving over impassable terrain including snow and ice: dexterity on via ferrata routes
  • Climbing experience (min 3° from second rope)
    experience in ski touring and/or mountaineering with snowshoes

Before being licensed as a helicopter rescue physician with Aiut Alpin Dolomites.

The aspiring physician will have to attend an internal theoretical/practical summer refresher course (Earth Air Course) and a winter course (Snow Avalanche Course). The course director will have the authority to give his or her approval for the aspirant’s eligibility for helicopter medical service at Aiut Alpin Dolomites.

The physician serving with Aiut Alpin Dolomites must commit to:

  • participate in at least one theoretical/practical refresher course per year organized by Aiut Alpin Dolomites
  • be available for a minimum of 2 weeks of service per year at the base as a freelancer or in agreement with your health care provider

Medical Staff:

Armani Stefania – Avogadri Matteo – Beccaria Paolo – Bergero Nicoletta – Bianciardi Leonardo – Bonsante Francesco – Boroli Filippo – Brasola Andrea – Carlini Mauro – Clara Andreas – Daroui Ivan – Dejaco Alexander – Ferrari Alberto – Fiocca Federico – Forti Alessandro – Gecele Claudio – Giupponi Angelo – Graziani Elia – Hofer Alex – Marchetti Chiara – Masoner Christian – Mistraletti Giovanni – Molesi Andrea – Prenn Raphael – Priolo Simone – Rauch Lydia – Rauch Simon – Ruberti Serena – Salaroli Christian – Sitta Valentina – Steurer Christoph – Valoti Oliviero – Windirsch Michael

Our Winchman

The duty of the winch operator is not only to work the helicopter winch correctly but also to coordinate the operation.

Our Helicopter rescue team

The helicopter rescue team collaborates with the two alpine rescue services; CNSAS (CORPO NAZIONALE SOCCORSO ALPINO SPELEOLOGICO) and BRD (Bergrettungsdienst). The helicopter rescue team must be trained professionally in accordance to the law of the ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Board).

Our Search rescue dog team

Professionally trained avalanche dogs (from the CNSAS and BRD)