Our helicopter

A single turbine engine helicopter was used until Winter of 2003. The Aluette III was used in 1987 and in 1988 the Ecureuil, type B, BA, B1, B2 and ; all of which single turbine engines.

In September 2003, ENAC applied the EU regulations, mandating that helicopters used for rescue must be equipped with twin turbine engines. Therefore ‘Aiut Alpin Dolomites’ with the many years of experience and consultation with international experts, decided to opt for the twin-engined helicopter EUROCOPTER EC 135 T2. In March 2015 the EC 135 T2 was replaced by a H 135 T3, serial number 1155, the first one delivered by Airbus Helicopters. The H 135 T3 is fitted with a winch „Human External Cargo“ with 90 m cable and double hoist hook.

Production of the AIRBUS HELICOPTER H 135 T3

Technical details

Dimension of the H 135 T3

Specialist equipment

Despite this relatively small device, the winch is of high importance. The Doctor is lowered by the winch where the helicopter cannot land or hover to pick up the injured and take them to medical aid in the shortest possible time.

A large number of the recoveries are carried out with this winch up to a max. 270kg and 90m cable release.

Only in extreme cases where the steel cable of the winch could hit against the vertical cliffs and the maximum length is not enough, then the fix rope hooked on to the double hoist hook, is used. The winch has approx. 90 m of cable with a max hoist weight of 230 kg.

The double hoist hook, conceived and legally licensed for human cargo, allows a maximum weight of 600 kilograms. The long-line fix rope theoretically does not have a maximum length limit. We have had to intervene twice with a 120 m rope in the Dolomite Mountains but normally we use 100 m rope. The advantage of the double hoist hook which is fixed to the cargo centre of the helicopter, allows the possibility of fast evacuation of up to 4 persons at a time. Furthermore, the winch can be used in numerous occasions, as it allows us to save time and reduce danger, ie. evacuate cable cars and lifts.

The H 135 T3 has the latest medical equipment for reanimation and stabilizing the patient. This medical equipment was installed by the Swiss company Aerolite.

The following equipment and supplies are available for use by the Medical Staff on board:

  • Defibrillators for monitoring of heart attach victims
  • Intra-venous infusion sets (drip sets), and comprehensive resuscitation sets/kits.
  • Respirator & Ventilator (Children and Adults) also for ground use
  • Portable Suction Units
  • Medical Kit for critical patients (adult and paediatric use)
  • Medical Kit with additional medical equipment such as: chest drainage equipment, intubation equipment, amputation set, etc.
  • Equipment for immobilizing patients when using the winch and double hoist hook for rescue
  • Special box for the disposal of used medical equipment and drugs
  • Container for medical documents etc.