Emergency: call 112

Emergency: call 112

Call 112 for all emergency alerts on the Italian Territory including all mountain rescue emergencies.


Emergency Numbers for other European Countries:

Please note that emergency tel numbers are NOT the same in the single countries. You should take a note of the numbers below when traveling to other European Countries. Following reference for some of the countries:

AUT 144 – GER 112 – FRA 112 – BNLX 112 – GBR 999 – SPA 112 – SLO 112 – SUI 144.

If you require other information, “Aiut Alpin Dolomites” will be happy to help you. Please call +39 0471 797171 or 0471 786448

How report an emergency call

When talking to the operator spell out clearly your name, position (altitude and geographical co-ordinations if possible) and advise your telephone number where you can be reached.

Inform the operator the as much information as possible, ie. What has happened, when and where?

Inform the operator of any obstacles which could be encountered by the Helicopter Rescue Service, weather conditions, electrical cables, cable cars etc. The clearer
information you give, the easier it is for the Rescue Service.

This sign YES states to the Pilot and Crew that you are in need for help.


This sign NO states to the Pilot and Crew that you are not in need of help.